My first ever children's book is almost ready for publishing!

by - June 07, 2022

Eeek! Okay. So, some of you know that I've been working on my first-ever children's book.  

The illustration process (that began in October of last year) is now nearly complete. Suddenly, I'm getting major cold feet and I'm super nervous about the whole process of self-publishing that lays ahead!

I publicly shared the (almost) ready-to-go cover image on my IG just now...and my stomach is in knots! 

Firstly, I can't believe this is starting to come to fruition; it's starting to look like a legit book! 

Secondly, I am not well-versed in the journey of self-publishing, which I had (blindly) thrown myself into with the notion that I'd learn as I go, because my grit usually pulls me through. Well, I've grossly underestimated the costs that come with self-publishing, and I'm now terrified to do offset printing because I'm having doubts about the actual success of my book without a marketing team and much of a presence on my author social media page.

So, I'm trying to gauge interest to at least figure out if I should make 100 copies, or more like 5 copies of this book... 😅

Would you be interested in getting a copy of this children's book that I hope will inspire quality time between caregiver and child through an engaging (and yummy) hands-on activity? 

If so, would you want an English-only version, or a bilingual English & Chinese version?

Please share with me on my Instagram post by commenting!   

Thank you so much for reading, sweet friends.

Warm wishes,

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