Handmade for Husby: A Mini-Me Doll!

by - June 27, 2018


Dear fellow crafters,

My dear husband's birthday was last Saturday! 🎉

Let me tell you, my husby's such an awesome guy.  An awesome guy who happens to be as obsessed with Lego as I am with crocheting!  So yeah, that's pretty darn obsessed.

This awesome husby surprised me with a Lego mini-me building kit several weeks back, and we had a fun stay-at-home date night piecing together miniature block versions of ourselves.

As much as I'd like to say that my fine motor skills are now well-developed from years of drawing and crocheting, I am sadly - but pretty undeniably - horrific when it comes to putting together the tiny Lego pieces!  I received a good amount of assistance from Husby (and had to borrow a big chunk of his patience, bless his soul)...but in the end, I was able to successfully finish my mini-me! 🙌

Here are some pics!

I'm holding onto a paintbrush and palette, while Husby's wielding a nerdy programmer coffee mug! 🤓

I got a little carried away taking pictures of our mini-me's!

Aaaaand.... here's the obligatory photo of us with our mini-me's! 😬

Getting back to the topic of Husby's birthday...

For my handmade gift this year, I decided to make a crocheted version of his Lego mini-me!  It was a lot of fun designing this doll, and he turned out to be my smallest full-limbed doll standing at just 5 inches in height!  He's so itty-bitty! 😍 (Previously, my littlest with arms and legs would be the 6" Chibi Doll Base.)

I wasn't able to figure out how to make rectangular glasses frames using crochet methods, so I ended up cutting the frames shape out of cardboard and using a black Sharpie to color it in... Pretty crass, but it worked! 😅

Of course, no gift is complete without a letter!  I create typed/printed cards each year.  Namely, it's out of courtesy since my Husby has a hard time deciphering my messy cursive (can't blame him!) and I cannot write regular print for the life of me! 😭 

I also love customizing everything down to the last detail, especially with adding my own graphics, drawings, and text!  This card in particular has a derpy-faced vegan muffin (we're both vegan) that has some pretty stellar biceps, just like my husby's. 😎

Anyhow, handmade is always my favorite way to go!  Husby always gives me the most amused expressions when he receives these unique and one-of-a-kind gifts.  He's the perfect reason for me to continue chasing my crafty ventures! 😚

I hope this little blog post inspires you to pursue handmade options too! 💝

(Also, if you'd like to make this little dollie, stay tuned for a pattern coming up!)

Wishing everyone a most wonderful rest of the week!


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