Newborn & Baby Shower Gift Bundle (3 Free Crochet Patterns!)

by - June 07, 2018

Dear fellow crocheters,

One of my friends expecting her first baby (a precious baby girl!) this September, and I'm incredibly ecstatic for her and her husband!!  To celebrate, I've put together a handmade baby gift bundle with a pink-and-white theme.  All four items are specially-crafted and lovingly handmade.

I had SUCH a blast designing and creating these crocheted wearables and snugglables for the little princess soon to join our world.

Here are links to the patterns!

Below are the three original designs I created!
(Baby's Springtime Lacy Beanie, Baby's Soft Shoes, and Pippa the Puppy)

Of those three original patterns, here are the two that are FREE on my site!
(Baby's Springtime Lacy Beanie, and Baby's Soft Shoes)


Below are the three FREE crochet patterns that are in this baby gift bundle! 
(Baby's Springtime Lacy Beanie, Baby's Soft Shoes, and Tri-Colored Star Baby Blanket)

(Featuring Celeste Young's free blanket pattern!)

There are so many perks to making handmade gifts, such as the ability to make it original, customized, and truly unique!  Of course, the creative process is also something you pour your HEART into, making it that much more special 💝!

If you have a little bundle of joy in your life to celebrate, I encourage you to use your maker skills and crochet one, two, three, or all of these lovely designs!

These are precious gifts that you can make today, to be treasured for a lifetime~

If you enjoyed my free patterns and would like to make a donation to support my work, please click here!  Any amount is greatly appreciated and will go towards the yarn and supplies I use to keep creating new designs!

In addition, if you would like to share photos of your finished work made from my patterns, I'd absolutely love to see!  Here are links for sharing your finished creation:

    As always, you are more than welcome to SHARE this post with any fellow crocheters who are interested in my free designs! 

    Thank you for reading, and I wish you all a wonderful day! 

    Best wishes,

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