Sneak Peek: Mini Me Dolls [Some Anniversary Love!]

by - July 11, 2018


Hi fellow crocheters!

I'm writing this quickie blog post to share a sneak peek of my recently-finished "mini me" dolls in light of our recent wedding anniversary!  If you'd like to get some background info, feel free to check out this post about the husband-doll and its LEGO inspiration.  I'll be working on the written pattern for these "mini me" dolls, and will post about it on my blog soon!

So.... My husband and I just celebrated our wedding anniversary last weekend!

Let me tell you... This man provides me with endless support and encouragement to chase after all of my silly ventures, no matter how goofy, ridiculous, or unattainable.  When I'm the one who's worriedly asking, "What if...?", he tells me, "You'll only know if you try."  He believes in me, even when I don't.  This is just one of the many things that make me feel so blessed to be with him.

As a tribute to our wedding anniversary, I finished up a "mini me" doll to go along with his "mini me"!  (They're both based off the LEGO BrickHeadz versions of us.)

Here are photos from their shoot! 😉


Here's a look at my crocheted "mini me" beside the BrickHeadz doll!  The crocheted doll is just under 5 inches tall, and fits nicely in my hand! 

Since I love customizing everything down to the last detail, especially with adding my own graphics, drawings, and text, I couldn't help but continue my goofy, personalized card tradition!

Anyhow, handmade is always my favorite way to go, whether it's for birthdays, holidays, celebrations, or more!  Thanks for letting me share this passion of mine with you! 

(Also, if you'd like to make these little dollies, stay tuned for a pattern coming up!)

Wishing everyone well!


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