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Hudson Bay Cat & Coney Island Bear Pattern Test [COMPLETE!]


Dear lovely crocheters,

I'm so happy to announce the completion of Sweet Softies' fifth pattern test: the Hudson Bay Cat & Coney Island Bear design!  Hooray!  Big cheers for my super hard-working testers!!  For this test, I had four testers: two worked on the Hudson Bay Cat pattern, and two on the Coney Island Bear.  All my testers finished the dolls with flying colors and gave super helpful feedback too!  I just love how different and unique each finished amigurumi is, and am delighted to present to you their work!  Take a look! 馃挅

Artist: Dana from Virginia
Ravelry: dairycows

Artist: Teresa from Valencia, Spain
Instagram: @teresa_mra
Ravelry: temara2

Artist: Rosalin from West Reading, Pennsylvania
Instagram: @rosafeb22

Artist: Mariela
Facebook: Mar-Tinas "Tiernos Detalles"

And now, the "Sweetest Sweet Softie" title goes to...

Teresa!  馃帀

Teresa has done an outstanding job throughout this test!  She communicated frequently and promptly, giving me very detailed information about her work.  This helped me out a lot as a designer and pattern-writer!  Teresa also checked in with me throughout the pattern test with WIP photos and questions, getting my confirmation for the materials she selected (including the size of her plastic safety eyes)!  I was blown away by her diligence!  She also sent WIP photos and wanted to make sure her bear was absolutely perfect, even though I kept the test more open-ended.  I adore her choice of yarn colors and how neatly she crocheted.  All her efforts were much appreciated!  Thank you a ton, Teresa, for participating in my pattern test!

Again, a sincere thank you goes out to all my testers for their hard work, efforts, and friendship!  It's because of wonderful people like you that I'm able to find even more joy in crocheting and designing!

With much love,