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Baby's Lacy Beanie (Free Crochet Pattern)

Good morning, fellow crafters!

The Spring season is one of my favorite times of the year!  Warmth fills the air, plants grow, and bright, happy colors bloom all around us. To me, Spring is about new life, and the optimism of this cheery season inspires me to use equally-optimistic and light-hearted colors in my crafts!

It just so happens that one of my good friends is having a baby due in August!  I'm filled with so much joy and can't wait to meet the little princess.  For now, I'm calming my anticipation by keeping myself busy with designing and churning out some loving, handmade gifts for her!

In light of this joyful season, I selected this beautiful yarn color from the Caron Simply Soft Collection, called 'Strawberry'!


With that, I began working on a baby beanie, with goals of giving it a feminine and delicate design.  This project was surprisingly quick and easy to crochet, especially since it's for such a tiny person!

Not to toot my own horn, but I really like the simplicity yet elegance of this design!  It's not too minimalistic, as the variation in the stitches keep the hat looking interesting, but it has a "lacy" effect that I quite like!  I can see myself using this pattern many more times in the future too, as it can easily be adapted to fit larger head sizes, and can also be customized with different yarn colors, the addition of embellishments (e.g., buttons, flowers, bows), and more! 

If you're interested in making one of these for another little baby in your life, please check out my free pattern below! 


Baby's Lacy Beanie

Copyright Notice -- © 2018 Sweet Softies, www.sweetsofties.com. You have permission to sell finished products made from this pattern, but you must credit Sweet Softies as the owner/creator of this pattern by linking to my website, Etsy shop, and/or Facebook page. You may not copy, alter, or sell this pattern in any way. You may sell finished items made with this pattern if you credit Sweet Softies as the designer and link to my website, Etsy shop, or Facebook page. No wholesale.

The Baby's Lacy Beanie pattern provides instructions for crocheting a feminine and delicate beanie for newborns to three-month-old babies.  It is quick and easy to work up, yet it maintains a very sweet and elegant look with the "lacy" effect from the stitches.  While this is a beginner-friendly crochet pattern, there are many ways to customize this hat, including: using different yarn colors, adding embellishments (e.g., buttons, flowers, bows), or adjusting the size by increasing stitch counts and rows to fit larger head sizes!  This is the perfect, handmade gift for expecting mothers, baby showers, and newborns!

Finished Measurements:
  • Approximately 12.5 inches in circumference and 5 inches in height. 
  • Size: newborn (0 month) to 3 months

  • Beginner. Requires familiarity with stitches used (below) and changing colors.

Stitches/Terms Used (US Terminology):
  • MR: magic ring (a.k.a. magic circle, magic loop)
  • Sk a st: skip a stitch
  • Sc: single crochet 
  • Dc: double crochet 
  • Sl st: slip stitch (insert hook, yarn over, pull through both loops)
  • Dc-inc: double crochet increase (two dc in same stitch)
  • BLO: back loops only



Start with the main hat color (pink).
R1: In a MR, ch 3. Insert 12 dc. Pull the ring tightly to close. *Join the round with a sl st to the first dc. (12 sts)
R2: Ch 2, dc-inc around. *Join. (24 sts)
R3: Ch 2, (dc, dc-inc) x 12. *Join. (36 sts)
R4: Ch 2, (dc 2, dc-inc) x 12. *Join. (48 sts)
R5: Ch 2, (sk a st, dc-inc in next st) x 24. *Join. (48 sts)
R6-R10: Ch 2, dc-inc around in each of the 24 gaps. *Join. (48 sts)
Note: 'Gaps' were created in previous round when skipping stitches.

Switch to the hat's secondary color (white). 
R11: Ch 1, sc around in BLO. (48 sts)
R12: Ch 1, sc around. (48 sts)

Switch back to the hat's main color (pink). 
R13: Ch 1, sc around in BLO. (48 sts)

Fasten off and use the yarn needle to weave in loose ends.

That's it, you're done! 

Congratulations on finishing the "Baby's Lacy Beanie" pattern!


  • Use different yarn colors!
  • Add embellishments, such as buttons, flowers, or bows.  Here's my free puff stitch flower tutorial if you'd like to add a cute and colorful flower to this beanie!
  • For a wider hat, continue the pattern of increases after R4.  For example, instead of stopping at 48 sts, you can go up to 60 sts, 72 sts, or more!  Follow the guide below if needed:
    60 sts = (dc 3, dc-inc) x 12
    72 sts = (dc 4, dc-inc) x 12
    84 sts = (dc 5, dc-inc) x 12
    96 sts = (dc 6, dc-inc) x 12
    ...and so on!
  • For a longer hat, repeat directions for R10 for as many rows as you'd like, until you reach your desired length.

If you enjoyed this free project and would like to make a donation to support my work, please click here!  Any amount is greatly appreciated and will go towards the yarn and supplies I use to keep creating new designs!

If you made this project and would like to share photos, I'd absolutely love to see!  Here are links for sharing your finished creation:

As always, you are more than welcome to SHARE this post with any fellow crocheters who'd like to try this pattern!  Thank you for reading, and I wish you all a wonderful day!

Best wishes,