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Rose Appliques

Appliques and embellishments are so much fun!

I bought these beautiful, little rose appliques from Daiso, a Japanese store that carries some small crafting items!  If there isn't a Daiso near you, you can also find them online at Amazon.com.  Here are a couple good listings I found:
  • With leaves:
  • Without leaves:

There are many uses for these flower appliques when it comes to decorating craft projects.  For amigurumi in particular, I love using these to add on to my otherwise-simple-looking designs.  Sometimes, I feel that these extra embellishments are the perfect, finishing touch to an amigurumi doll!

I find it quite charming to add a little flower to my amigurumi dolls' hair!  It seems especially fitting for an updo or bun hairstyle!  The two dolls, my Tiny Princess and Christmas Angel, both sport a rose in their hair.

When my amigurumi does not have hair, such as this chubby, little bun from the Bunny Kokeshi Couple, I nevertheless add a flower embellishment anyway!  It just seems like a sweet touch, sitting before one rabbit ear!  Oh, and shall I go into RIBBON embellishments too? 馃槅


In terms of attaching embellishments to amigurumi dolls, I enjoy using a couple of different methods.  Sewing with embroidery thread and needle is a secure way of attaching the applique to the doll.  Another method is using hot glue, which is quick and easy.

If you're thinking about temporary placement and are not fully committed to attaching the applique onto the doll, you can use a safety pin to attach!  If you look closely at the Christmas Angel photo above, you can see that the center of the rose has the backing of a white safety pin.  I pushed the pin through the middle of the rose, and into the doll's head.  It's quite secure with the doll standing upright!

Anyhow, I'd love to hear about your experience with flower appliques!  Yay, or nay?  Do you like them and use them?  If so, I'd love to see some project photos too!

Wishing you all the best!