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Wanted: Pattern Testers! [CLOSED]

UPDATE (07.06.2017) -- Sign-up for pattern testing is now closed. Thank you for the overwhelming response! I did not expect such a large number of testers, and really appreciate all the help and support for testing!


Are you totally obsessed with crochet like me?
Do you love creating and trying new projects?
Are you detail-oriented and able to stick to deadlines?

If so, please read on!

As you know, I LOVE to come up with new crochet designs, and am constantly creating and writing patterns of my concepts and ideas. However, I'm a human being (a very human, human being at that!) and sometimes make mistakes in my written patterns! I would love to get some help with pattern testing. If you are interested in becoming a pattern tester, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and hope you will sign up!


What is pattern testing?
Pattern testing is big favor that I'm asking of interested crocheters to help me with, to make sure my pattern is clear before I publish it! Normally, testing takes place after I have created the model and written the rough draft of the pattern. I'll have proofread and edited the rough draft, but I don't consider it a "final" draft until it's ready for publishing. This is where my lovely testers come in!

I'm a beginner. Can I test?
While I love beginners, I require my testers to have crochet experience. The reason for this is because working a test crochet pattern with a deadline isn't the best way to learn how to start reading patterns. If you are a beginner, I recommend taking your time and starting with beginner-friendly patterns without having that time constraint.

What are you looking for in a tester?
Interested and experienced crocheters are encouraged to sign up! As a tester, you will be expected to do the following:
  • Read and understand written patterns in US Terminology
  • Proofread the written pattern for errors and typos
  • Provide feedback about the pattern, such as recommendations for improvement
  • Take photos of the finished product
How can I be a ROCKSTAR tester?
Firstly, I think you're all rockstars! However, to be a "ROCKSTAR"-rockstar tester in the context of my pattern tests (in other words, a priority tester), you would...
  • Be able to take beautiful photos of your finished product! :)
  • Be willing to share the photos on your own social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest), and/or Ravelry
  • Be willing to write a review about the pattern and allow me to publish it if I choose to
  • Follow the Sweet Softies Facebook page and join the Sweet Softies Amigurumi & Crochet Community Group to be in the loop for important announcements and to share your photos

Click the form below to sign up:
UPDATE (07.06.2017) -- SIGN-UP NOW CLOSED. 
Form link has been temporarily removed. Thank you for the huge response!
(I may email you and request 1-3 photo samples of your work!)

  1. When I have a new design to test, I will email "all calls" for testers with the following information: project name, photo(s), brief description, skills needed, stitches used, materials needed, deadline to completion, and any other relevant information.
  2. If you are interested in participating in the test, email me back to let me know!
  3. Up to five (5) interested crocheters will be selected for each test. If selected, you will be added into a group email for testers, where you can make comments, ask questions, and share progress photos if you want.

"Woohoo!! I got selected as a tester! Now what?"
If you get selected as one of the testers, start with a happy dance! Then, smile wide because I just gave you a virtual thumbs-up! Now, buckling down to business...
  • Pay attention to the deadline, and be sure to finish within the given time frame!
  • Try and keep track of how long the project takes you to complete. (I'd love an estimated # of hours!)
  • Look out for any errors or typos in the pattern.
  • Provide recommendations for improvement if you can think of any.

  • Finish within the given deadline
  • Be willing to share the following information: estimated amount of time it took to complete a project, yarn used, feedback about written pattern (e.g., errors, typos, recommendations for improvement)
  • Take at least one (1) progress photo
  • Take at least three (3) finished product photos that are clear and of satisfactory photo quality
  • Allow me to share photos of your finished product on my blog and social media sites (I will credit you as the crocheter, of course!)
  • Be willing to share the finished product photo on a crochet or amigurumi doll group page

Can I sell the finished product?
You sure can! I encourage sellers to add themselves to my Artisan Community, so that potential buyers can find your shop or contact information! I like to occasionally promote others' shops, and I will always direct customers interested in finished Sweet Softies designs to my list of sellers!
Remember to follow my pattern guidelines:
  • You may sell finished items made with this pattern as long as you credit Sweet Softies as the designer and link to my Etsy shop (www.etsy.com/shop/Sylemn), Facebook page (www.facebook.com/SweetSofties), or blog (www.sweetsoftiescrochet.blogspot.com).
  • No part of the pattern may be reproduced, resold, or redistributed in any form or by any means without my written permission.
  • No wholesale of finished products.
Do testers receive any compensation?
  • Each tester who completes the test in its entirety will receive the final copy of the pattern in PDF format as a token of appreciation for your tremendous help and support!
  • Each tester will also have the opportunity to get his/her finished product featured on my blog and all across my social media platforms!
  • One (1) tester's final product will be selected as the "Sweetest Sweet Softie" of the test, and will be rewarded with an exclusive 25% off coupon for any pattern in my Etsy store.
What is the "Sweetest Sweet Softie"?
One finished product for each test will be crowned the "Sweetest Sweet Softie"! This will be selected based off my personal liking, and may be attributed to product appearance, photo quality, effort, backstory, or any combination of the aforementioned. The crowned winner will receive an exclusive 25% off coupon for any pattern in my Etsy store.

Thank you so much for reading through! I am deeply appreciative of each and every one of you who are willing to help me test my designs. As you can probably tell, I am really excited about this! I look forward to growing with each of you as a tight-knit crochet community! ;)

Warm wishes,