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Make Your First Road Trip Memorable With These Tips

Going on a vacation with your family is a wonderful way to get closer to each other and to strengthen your bond. However, with rising fuel costs and inflation, Forbes predicts a surge in the cost of travel, which can be financially draining especially for families. This year, airline tickets alone have shot up by 25%.

There are still ways that you and your family can spend time vacationing without breaking the bank, though, one of which is going on a road trip. Not only is a road trip cost effective, but it also promises a new kind of experience for you and your loved ones. Here are some tips you need to consider as you plan your family’s most memorable road-trip yet.

Choose a Manageable Destination

If this is your first time planning a road trip, consider selecting a destination that is not too far. Alternatively, you can visit places that are popular for families who go on road trips. This way, there are more resources and information you can check when you are preparing your own trip. Surveys show that the most popular road trip destinations for families include Las Vegas, National Parks, as well as the coasts of North California and South Oregon. If any of these are within a day’s drive from your starting point, it would be best to choose them for your first road trip.

Get Your Ride Ready

Once you have a destination in mind, make sure that your vehicle is also ready. Before setting out on a road trip, clean your car's interior and secure fitted car mats and liners to ensure a comfortable and mess-free ride. But as gas prices are steadily rising, going on a road trip using a gas-powered car can be pricey. Thus, one way to save up on the costs of your trip is to drive an electric vehicle (EV) instead. It’s no secret that charging an EV is way cheaper than refueling a traditional gas-powered car. In fact, a 200-mile drive with an EV would incur less than $25 for charging costs. If you already own an EV, it may be a good idea to install a home charging station as well. This will ensure that your EV is fully charged right as you set off for this road trip and your subsequent future rides.

Plan Pit Stops

One of the many charms of going on a road trip is that you can take a break when you want or need to do so. Planning your rest stops for your road trip has a lot of advantages. For instance, as of this year, there are more than 56,000 charging stations throughout the country, but it is still likely that you can drive through an area where charging ports are unavailable. Thus, if you are driving an EV, planning out pit-stops means you’d know where charging ports are available, and which stops offer fast charging ports for your EV. Apart from charging your EV, you can have a quick snack, use the rest room, or stretch your legs by going on a short walk during your stop.

Go With the Flow

At first glance, this final tip might seem contradictory to the whole point of planning a road trip. Having a clear itinerary, after all, ensures that your road trip goes as smoothly as possible. However, it is worth noting that your itinerary should only be a guide. Expert travelers always insist that the key to memorable travels is to be more flexible, especially when you encounter anything that might not be in your plans. Being too rigid with your plans can sap the enjoyment out of your trip, while going with the flow allows you and your family to welcome new experiences as they come.

Despite the rising cost of travel, going on a vacation with your family does not mean that you must spend too much. Sometimes, simply being together while going on your first ever road trip is enough. Just make sure to keep these tips in mind to be sure that your trip goes smoothly as you make memories of a lifetime.