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7 Must See Places In Seattle

Attention all Seattle Travelers! Are you looking for a respite from the rain? Are you wishing to take a sojourn away from the salt of the city, and into some destinations that while a little touristy are a whole lot of fun? Are you looking for some places to take the kid while still being some of the preeminent must see destinations that the Emerald city has to offer? Well, then look no further! Because we’ve taken the time to create this amazing guide into some of the absolute can't’ miss attractions in Seattle! These are places that may astound you, and they may confound you! But the one thing they won't do is bore you! So if your interest is piqued, then venture on dear reader as we go over the 7 must-see places in Seattle!

The Space Needle

To begin our article, let's start with an all-time great. We’re talking of course about the space needle! This Seattle landmark is a must for anyone new to the city. The needle stands over 600 feet tall and is viewable by the public. You can enter the needle and ride an elevator up to its top floor. This gives you breathtaking views of the city that are irreplaceable for any first-time visitor to the city. This is perfect for anyone who wants to see Seattle from a unique viewpoint. Just don’t forget to take a selfie when you get to the top!

Pike Place Market

The Pike Place Market is a gorgeous and gargantuan journey for any gourmet. This is a market that seemingly vibrates from all of the energy around it. If you’re looking to get fresh seafood or amazing locally-made cuisine (and produce!) then this is the place for you! Not only is the Pike Place market good for dinner, but you can also get a show in as well when you watch the famous fish throwing at the Pike Place Fish Market. As if that’s not enough, coffee enthusiasts rejoice, because the market also plays host to the first Starbucks! This is perfect for anyone looking to grab a cup of coffee, and wants a little taste of history as well!

Making Moves at the MoPOP

If you’re a fan of music, tv, or movies then you can't miss the MoPOP! MoPOP (short for the Museum of Pop Culture) is a mecca for the media enthusiast in your life. The museum features exhibits on everything from the Numerians to Nirvana. This is a museum made for the nerds in your life!

Seattle Art Museum

Speaking of Museums, a must-see for anyone looking for a little refinement is the Seattle Art Museum. This is one of the great American art museums as it features works by Monet, V Gogh, and even Warhol. This is a stunning museum that features some of the most staggering works of the western canon. But that’s not all as there is also the Olympic Sculpture Park, which features outdoor installations by many great artists like Alexander Calder!

In a Garden of Glass

One of the most stunning places in all of Seattle is the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum. This is a museum that features almost entirely works constructed from glass made by renowned artist Dale Chihuly. This a place that's so vibrant and colorful, it must simply be seen to be believed!

The Wall and the Troll

For our last entry into this list let’s bring attention to two of the quirkier features of the city that exemplify Seattle’s sillier side. First, let’s talk about the gum wall. The gum wall is a feature in Post Alley and is a must-see for any first-time visitor to the city. Simply put it’s a wall covered in used gum. Now if that sounds a little gross, you’re right. It is! But once one views the wall in full and sees the immensity of it, a smile is certain to appear on that person’s face! And lastly, we come to the Fremont Troll. This is a giant concrete statue of a troll hiding under the Aurora Bridge and is a must for anyone who supports public art. It’s a large and awe-inspiring carving and is a must-see for any visitor!

There you have it, these are some of the one of a kind must-see places in all of Seattle. Whether this is your first time visiting or your tenth time. These landmark destinations are sure to make your trip unforgettable!