Colorful DIY Bedroom Ideas To Help Liven Up Your Home

by - November 21, 2021

Adding some colors to your dull or plain bedroom can liven up the space and make you happier. Your bedroom is an extremely personal and intimate space, which is why you need to ensure that you feel happy, productive, as well as well-rested. This can be achieved by some simple DIY tips and hacks to add a pop of color and make the space peppier. More importantly, it will give your bedroom a much-needed change. You can make your bedroom more colorful without making it gaudy or loud. Here are some tips you can follow to liven up your bedroom and make it a happy place.

Pay Attention to the Color Palette

The color palette you pick for your bedroom will dictate its ambiance and the way you feel. Instead of sticking to the old, washed-out neutrals, it is time to take a bold step and pick a bright color palette. Since bold and colorful palettes often go wrong, you need to be extremely careful when picking the hues. Make sure that the shades harmonize with each other to avoid chaos and confusion. When creating your color palette, pick three shades on the color wheel that are placed next to each other. This will bring harmony without making the bold shades too flashy.

Don’t Be Afraid to Add Some Patterns and Textures

Colorful patterns and textures can also highlight neutral shades and make your bedroom appear festive. Adding colorful patterns on top of white or nude surfaces also provides the illusion of the space looking bigger. With this, you can also create a visual distraction while keeping the air subtle and jovial. For example, if your windows are white, add a colorful, textured curtain with colorful patterns. You can also stick to just one bold hue on your patterns to pair with your neutral decor for harmony and visual comfort. With this, you can never go wrong with bold colors either.

Add Some Colorful Layers to the Bedding

You can accentuate your bedroom by focusing on the central element of the space, which is your bed. Add some colorful layers to the bedding while keeping the other elements neutral. To make it simpler, focus on the decor theme to bring colors naturally into your space. Scandinavian interior decor themes follow pastel shades and nude hues, whereas Hamptons aesthetic themes allow colors to seamlessly flow into your scheme. Pick Boho-themed cushions, bold linens, and rich covers to line your bedding. Since Hamptons-style decor ideas follow coastal and breezy vibes, your bedroom will feel sophisticated yet laidback for a comfortable experience.

Add a Dramatic Element

If you are too afraid to add a lot of colors or to pick a bold color palette, you can keep the walls neutral and add a dramatic element to make the surfaces pop. For example, you can add a vibrant, floral-print accent on just one wall to make it the center of attention. Another way to create a focal point around your bed is by adding a large, colorful painting on top of the bed. Pick a hue that contrasts with the wall’s shade and find a fabric with your favorite pattern. Stretch it over a wooden or metal frame and place it on top of the bed to create a dramatic element.

Place Some Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers are other subtle elements to enhance the ambiance and to make it more upbeat. Needless to say, flowers and plants make any room livelier and add a touch of coziness to it. Flowers are fragrant too, which can heighten your living experience. The green shades of plants can contrast with yellows and reds on your walls, thereby creating a comfortable visual disparity. Some plants even clean indoor air, which is another benefit of having them in your bedroom. However, make sure that they are watered and looked after at regular intervals.


Some colorful accessories like colorful, framed photographs, rugs, and showpieces can bring some playfulness into your space. You can also opt for a bold window or door treatment by painting the frames with a bright color. Whether you are opting for a floral-print curtain or a bright blue rug on white marble, any frisky combination should be easy to implement. At the same time, your room shouldn’t look smaller than it is, which is a major risk when you introduce some bright colors to any space.

These DIY ideas are budget-friendly and simple to implement. If you want to save more money, you can take on the task of painting the walls on your own. Choose the colors carefully and make a decent palette to accentuate your bedroom. Remember that contrasting colors will work only if they are harmonized and layered correctly.

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