Printable Spring Cleaning Activities for Kids

by - April 09, 2021

Spring cleaning season is the perfect time to refresh your space — and you don’t have to do all of the work on your own! Enlist the help of your littles with these free cleaning printables.

Teach your kids the value (and fun) that comes from hard work by assigning age-appropriate cleaning activities. Whether they’re knocking tasks off a random acts of cleaning kindness checklist or mixing up a natural (and kid safe) cleaning solution, your space will be sparkling in no time.

Here are just some of the random acts of cleaning kindness your kids can take part in this spring:

  • Pick up trash at a nearby park or playground
  • Mix up a natural cleaning solution and wash the windows with it
  • Help a neighbor in need with yard work
  • Wash your family car
  • Give away gently used clothes or books
  • Do the dishes after dinner one night
  • Donate a toy to a child in need

To incentive your family to get cleaning, you can offer rewards such as ice cream or allowance. And once your kids learn the cleaning basics, work it into their weekly routine with a chore chart. This will make the lessons last long after the spring season.

All of these printables have been provided by The Zebra and you can download and print them free by clicking here.

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