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Fabulous Jewelry Style Tips

Have you ever seen a picture of some Instagram star and noticed that she has the same necklace as you? Only, somehow, it looks amazing on her while when you wear it, it is hardly even noticeable. Well, jewelry is just like clothes, it is not what you wear, but how you wear it. If you (like most of us) have a jewelry box filled with all sorts of trinkets you’ve collected over the years but you are not really sure how to accessorize properly, this one's for you. With these tips, you will learn how to style your necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other bling and look fabulous on any occasion. 

Layer it!

If you are feeling playful and want to make your boring outfit more interesting, feel free to layer your necklaces or bracelets. A couple of interesting boho necklaces such as those seen at Poco Loco Jewellery would be a great choice since boho necklaces add an eclectic and unique style to any outfit. Mixing metals creates a beautiful contrast, as does mixing larger and smaller pieces. Instead of sticking to one type, layer pieces that have different lengths, colors, textures or shapes. This way you will make them look more appealing, and the best part is- you can recycle your old jewelry by creating new, different combinations. You can do the same with rings. Stack them in all sorts of different ways and see which ones work for you. 

But know where to stop

Yes, you can play with your jewelry and create different combinations, but you also need to know when to stop adding new pieces. For example, if you are wearing several Moon Magic iconic jewelry pieces around your neck, you surely don’t need a ton of bracelets that will compete for attention. Pairing large earrings with a statement necklace is also a recipe for a disaster, so make sure not to overdo it. Keep in mind that the main purpose of your jewelry is to draw attention to your best features (your face, breasts, neck, fingers…), not be the only thing people see when they look at you. 

The rule of the neckline

If you want to match necklaces with necklines like a pro, keep in mind that the pendant should be visible at all times. This means that a rounded necklace goes with rounded necklines and a long one pairs perfectly with a turtleneck. When you are wearing a low V-necked shirt make sure that the pendant is sitting above your cleavage.

Choose your earrings carefully

When someone is talking to you they spend a lot of time looking at your face, so your earrings are often in their field of vision. This is why it is important to pay special attention to this piece of jewelry. When choosing a pair, make sure it frames your face and complements your hair, eye color, and skin tone. For example, if you have long hair go with dangle earrings that will add some sparkle to your look.

Commit a sin

In the past mixing different colors of metal was considered a fashion sin. However, times have changed and nowadays the fashion police won’t arrest you for wearing silver and gold jewelry together. Therefore, consider combining necklaces and pendants made from different metals, wearing rings that combine different metal colors, or layering bangles in different metals.

Don’t be a fashion slave

These days trends change on a monthly base, so in order to follow them all, you can lose yourself and waste a fortune. Instead of blindly following fashion at the expense of your own taste, work on your style that suits you, and makes you feel good and confident. Jewelry that stem from your values or religion, such as this cross ring, is also a meaningful way to accessorize.  All in all, consider what works with your general sense of style. If something just isn’t you, don’t put it on.

The right accessories can enhance any outfit and help you shine on any occasion, so follow these tips and dazzle everyone with your sense of style.