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Creator Challenge #2: Coral the Mermaid [RESULTS!]

Dun dun dun dun!! *The majestic sound of trumpets rip through the air...*

I'm pleased to announce that the RESULTS for Sweet Softies' second annual Creator Challenge are here!  

This year, the featured pattern is Coral the Mermaid.  So many talented crocheters participated in this year's event, and my mermaids Mariella and Coral are overjoyed to have so many new brothers and sisters.

My mermaids, Mariella and Coral! This photo taken before the Creator Challenge began, with both girls excited with anticipation to soon meet their new brothers and sisters!
The girls were joined by their younger brother, Micah, a tiny Prince of the seas.  The three of them (Mariella, Coral, and Micah) all love swimming alongside one another, exploring the beautiful ocean waters, collecting shiny seashells, and playing hide-and-seek among the colorful coral reef and kelp forests.

With my three mermaids came many more!  Throughout the month of June, while the Creator Challenge took place, many WIP and finished mermaid photos began sprouting up in the Sweet Softies FB group and on Instagram!  You are all SO creative and really talented at customizing your mermaids and putting your own flair on them!  It brings me such joy to see all your lovely creations, read up on your mermaids' names and sometimes backstories (I love those!!), as well as notes on who you are gifting them to.  I know all the gifted mermaids will be very much loved and cherished.

Without further ado, here is the Mermaid Family Photo Album

Take a look at all these beautiful mermaids and merboys!  Watch the video below, or scroll down to see the photo collages.

Fun Fact: There are 85 new mermaids joining Mariella, Coral, and Micah!


The winner of Sweet Softies' Second Creator Challenge goes to...

Crystalline, made by Jennifer Q.!

"This is Coral's cousin Crystalline! Crystalline is from the icy waters near the Arctic Ocean. The water there is so cold, ice crystals cover Crystalline's body and fin making her shimmer and sparkle in the sun. She lives in deeper, colder waters and is a little more fishlike than her sweet cousin with sparkly gills on either side of her head. Crystalline wears pearl jewelry and a little matching hair ornament with tiny shells and a sand dollar! She loves to visit her cousin Coral and see all the wonders that the warmer water holds." - Jennifer Q.
A closer look at Crystalline's beautiful hairpiece!

I am awestruck by Jennifer's beautiful creation! She took Coral's pattern and made it her own by embroidering those adorable eyes, using shimmery yarn for the tail, and adding such gorgeous embellishments that go perfectly together. How amazing is it that Crystalline has her own character story too? I would just LOVE to read books about her and watch shows about her now! 

Please join me in congratulating Jennifer for doing such a fantastic job!  As winner of the Creator Challenge, Jennifer will be receiving her choice of Sweet Softies' premium doll patterns below:


Honorable Mentions

Here are the three Honorable Mentions from the Creator Challenge, handpicked for creativity and uniqueness!  Honorable mentions will all receive a 50% off discount for one premium pattern in Sweet Softies' pattern shop.

1. "Nixie" by Laura from The Cozy Chipmunk
Isn't Nixie so beautiful? I just love that rainbow hair and highlights, and the way Laura embellished this mermaid with sparkles and flowers! This little mermaid is a work of art!!

2. "Pride" by Christy Ann
Isn't Pride just one of the cutest little mermaids you've ever laid eyes on? I LOVE how Pride "loves everyone" and spreads love and joy! I can't help but smile widely when I see this photo!!

3. By Analyn from Breonna's Closet
What an adorable mermaid this is! Analyn did a remarkable job using vibrant colors and making her mermaid utterly unique and beautiful. I just love how the hair is done, and those eyes are so gorgeous too! Amazing work! 

While I was extra astonished by the unique mermaids that stand out this time around, please know that I truly believe ALL of the mermaids are beautiful and so very special in their own ways!  I absolutely wish I could give each and every one an award.  Your interest and participation in this event of mine has been so wonderful to see.  I look forward to hosting another Creator Challenge next year!!

To stay tuned about my events, freebies, and more, don't forget to "like" my Facebook page and/or join the Sweet Softies FB Group to be in the loop!

Wishing you all the very best~