Lion Brand® Shelfie Contest

by - March 24, 2019

Dear fellow crocheters,

Have you heard about the Lion Brand® Shelfie Contest?  It's a super fun and creative challenge!  Click the link for details, and I encourage you to enter as well!

Below are some more photos that I took for the contest, featuring Landon the Lion!  This little dear was incredibly patient and sat quietly while I knitted his scarf with Lion Brand Heartland® Yarn!

When I was all done, he wanted to sit atop the soft, squishy skein! 

It makes for a pretty nice chair, doesn't it? 

He didn't want to leave when we were done taking photos!  Landon simply wanted to hang out with the beautifully heathered balls of yarn that he was made out of!  I suppose it was like a sweet homecoming for him when he got the chance to reunite with the Heartland® Yarn!

My husband was the talented photographer behind these photos, but right before we left the yarn aisle, he caught eye of the "Feels Like Butta" yarn.  He got an idea in his head and decided he wanted to take a "Shelfie" too!  😂

We did think that the Feels Like Butta yarn feels better than actual butts, though.  The yarn is like a beautiful dream caressing your fingertips 💖, whereas butts feel like, well... butts.

Aaaaaand.... It's late, folks.  I shouldn't be writing blog posts at this hour, for pretty clear reasons, lol! 

Take care, everyone! 

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