Knit Pocket Wolf Amigurumi (Free Knitting Pattern)

by - February 03, 2019

Dear fellow crafters,

Last week, I posted about the Knit Pocket Fox that I made...

This little guy was a Christmas present for my brother, whose favorite animal is the fox (MINE TOO; AREN'T THEY SUCH AMAZING CREATURES?!), and I decided to go ahead and knit his second-favorite animal too, which is the wolf!

I used the exact same pattern as I did with the Pocket Fox, which is B. Humphreys' Pocket Fox pattern!


The only difference was that I held yarn double, and I used grey yarn instead of red yarn for the wolf's color.

Since I held the yarn at double, the Pocket Wolf came out to be larger than the Pocket Fox!

Again, this little guy is in no way perfect, but I aaadddooooorrreee him and I hope my brother liked these two as Christmas gifts!

If you'd like to knit one for yourself, again, I highly recommend using B. Humphreys' Pocket Fox pattern!

It is straight-forward, knitted flat, and works up in one sitting.  What more could a beginner-knitter ask for?!

Warm wishes,

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