How To: Hold Yarn Doubled & Find Both Ends with ONE Ball of Yarn! Crochet 101 [Video]

by - February 09, 2019

Some of my patterns involve holding yarn at double, or in other words, "yarn doubled" or "double-stranded".  It basically means crocheting with two strands of yarn at the same time.

Since some of you have asked, I'd like to show you how I crochet with yarn doubled using just ONE ball of yarn.  Thus, rather than having to buy TWO balls of the same color for a project that doesn't require a whole lot of yardage, you can use just one ball!

Check out my video tutorial below to see how you can find and fish out both yarn ends from a single skein, and then hold them together to begin a crochet or knit project.

Remember, you'll need to go up hook sizes when you're holding yarn at double, since holding the strands doubled means a bulkier strand!

Hope this video is helpful to you!

Also... here's sneaky sneak-peek of an upcoming amigurumi project that I'll have up for FREE on my blog soon, using yarn held at double!  Stay tuned for it!

Happy crocheting~

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