Mother & Daughter Dolls Pattern Test [COMPLETE!]

by - March 13, 2018

Dear lovely crocheters,

I'm so happy to announce the completion of Sweet Softies' fourth pattern test: the Mother & Daughter Dolls design!  Hooray!  Big cheers for my hard-working testers!!

This wasn't an easy test because there were not one, but TWO dolls that testers needed to complete and provide feedback on!  I'm thankful that my testers pulled through and finished with these beautiful results.  Though all testers were given the same written instructions, each pair of dolls is unique and special! 
Thus, I'm absolutely delighted to present to you these wonderful testers' dolls. Take a look! 💖

(Note: At the end of the list, I will the "Sweetest Sweet Softies" for this test!)

Artist: Diana from Sweden
Instagram: @_madebydee_

Artist: Beverley from the UK
Artist: Tammy from Florida, USA
Ravelry: Tammarie8784

Artist: Irini from Greece
Instagram: @eirelasartstudio

And now, the "Sweetest Sweet Softie" title goes to...

Tammy!  🎉

Tammy has really done an amazing job providing feedback to me on this test!  She is so detail-oriented and has spotted multiple errors throughout my pattern, as well as provided excellent recommendations for correcting those errors!  I'm ever so grateful for her vigilant eye and thoughtful feedback, as she has greatly improved my pattern!  I also adore Tammy's choice of yarn colors for her dolls, how neatly she crocheted throughout the entire project, and how beautifully both of them turned out to be!  Thank you so much Tammy, for participating in my pattern test!

A sincere thank you goes out to all my testers for their hard work, efforts, and friendship!  It's because of wonderful people like you that I'm able to find even more joy in crocheting and designing!

With much love,

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