Mother & Daughter Dolls, Inspired by Willow Tree Figurines

by - March 11, 2018

The Mother & Daughter Pattern provides instructions for crocheting this elegant pair.  The mother wears a bonnet and apron, and the daughter dons a flower crown.  Their simple, traditional, yet classic look is inspired by Amish, Mormon, prairie, and colonial cloth dolls.  This special design, showing the love and unique bond between a mother and her daughter, makes a wonderful Mother’s Day gift and heirloom gift.

Crafters can customize and personalize these dolls in a variety of ways by changing hair color, dress color, hairstyle, and dress style.  You may also add embellishments, such as beads, buttons, flowers, bows, and other appliques to these dolls!

(Also available on Etsy and Craftsy)

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