Finley the Orange Fox (Twee Toys Collectible Series)

by - October 18, 2017

(Also available on Etsy.)

The Finley the Orange Fox Pattern provides written instructions with photo references for crocheting an adorable woodland fox stuffed animal and his cozy scarf. This unique design uses crochet methods to join the legs and tail to the body without any sewing. This project is suitable for intermediate crocheters who are familiar with the basic stitches and principles of doll-making. Finley makes for a lovely, handmade stuffed animal gift for baby showers, nurseries, children, and fans of foxes or woodland critters!

Warning: Finley is SUPER cuddly! 

Finley is a member of Sweet Softies’ Twee Toys Collectible Series.

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(Also available on Etsy.)

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