Finley and Farley Foxes

by - October 24, 2017

Good day, friends!

Recently, there have been two new additions to the Twee Toys family!  As a quick roundup, Ginger the Giraffe, Fletcher the Fox, Brennan the Bear, Remi the Rabbit, and Dawson the Deer are now joined by Finley and Farley foxes!   

Finley, in his cozy, green scarf, bears some resemblance with Farley, in his equally-cozy fair-isle sweater.

With regards to construction, Finley's and Farley's legs are both joined to the body in a no-sew fashion!  Good news, for those of you - like me - who aren't particularly keen on sewing limbs and parts onto an amigurumi toy or doll.  While that's a similar feature, their legs are joined using different crochet methods.  Farley's legs are joined in a straight row, resulting in legs that are aligned and straight and a body that is flatter in appearance.  Finley, on the other hand, has a rounder, three-dimensional body with his legs and tail joined to his rounded bottom.  

Side-by-side, you can see the differences in the foxes' bodies as you look at their profiles.

Moving on from the technical aspects of the crocheting process, I must mention that Finley and Farley are best buds!  The two foxes are quite fond of one another and love to share stories, play games, and goof around!  They also love celebrating their friendship by taking selfies together! 

Finley's usually the one taking the selfies.  He claims to have longer arms, which are helpful for holding the camera further away and capturing better angles of the two.  Farley begs to differ, though, seeing as they their arms are actually the same length!  Nevertheless, he enjoys simply posing for pictures beside Finley~ 

Hope you enjoy these two, furry friends as much as I do!  If you have any photoshoot ideas for Farley and Finley, let them know in the comments below!  Who knows, these two clever fellas might just take some special pictures for you! 

Warm wishes,

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