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Grey Winter Headband

by - December 11, 2016

If anyone is looking for a beginner-friendly, warm, and beautiful project, I'd like to recommend Cynthia Miller's "Quick Winter Headband"!  It makes for a lovely head/ear-warmer, and can serve as a great, handmade gift!

I crocheted one in the past, but this time around, decided to make one with a button instead of straps to fasten the headband.  It worked up very quickly with medium, worsted weight (4) yarn held at double and with a larger hook (6.50mm)!

It resulted in a very warm, plush, and cozy headband!  It's a perfect accessory to wear during the chillier seasons.  I'm finding this extra handy as I've moved from warm-winter-California to the Pacific Northwest!

Are there other winter headband designs that you've tried out and made?  I'd love to see them!

Stay warm, folks!

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