12" Slender Doll Base

by - April 22, 2016

Intro: The 12” Slender Doll Base is a versatile pattern that can easily be customized. It is comprehensive, providing full written instructions and example photos to guide you through the doll-making process.  There is minimal sewing, as there are only two main pieces to be attached in the end: (1) the head/arms/upper-body, and (2) the legs/lower-body. In addition to fiberfill stuffing, pipe cleaners will also be inserted inside the doll’s body to keep the doll stabilized, yet flexible for various poses!

This pattern was a lot of fun to make, despite my numerous attempts in revising and re-working the stitch and row counts to make sure the doll's body shape is exactly the way I wanted her to be.  Whew!

Her 9" counterpart is a littler one that actually works up quickly.  There is also a chibi, 6" version as well!

~ ~ ~

Click here to view the 6", 9", and 12" doll bases, and to view some customer creations to see how others have transformed these bases!

|| 6" doll pattern || 9" doll pattern || 12" doll pattern ||

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