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Doll Base Family: 6", 9", 12"

by - May 23, 2016

|| 6" doll pattern || 9" doll pattern || 12" doll pattern ||

Presenting.... my family of doll bases!  From the chubby, little one standing at 6" tall, to its slender and shapely 12" sibling.  All three dolls can be used to customize into your very own original characters, or your favorite anime, manga, or cartoon characters!

|| 6" doll pattern || 9" doll pattern || 12" doll pattern ||

Below are some awesome examples of ways others have customized these bases!  I'm in awe of these talented crocheters' creativity and talent! 

12" Dolls

Cat Noir and Miraculous Ladybug - Tictacnat (

Betty Boop - Ambrit (

By Julie (Etsy Customer)

By Elissa (Etsy Customer)

Dolls by Heather (Etsy Customer)

9" Dolls

Unicorn Girl - HannahCanRavelry (

Sherlock Holmes - Kawawunga (

Molly Hooper - Kawawunga (

6" Dolls

"Lily" - Crocheted by Donita for her granddaughter's 9th birthday!

Eevee Chibi - HannahCanRavelry (

Sailor Moon - @theamigurumiwitch (Instagram)

Coraline - @spookywool (Instagram)

Princess Jasmine - @spookywool (Instagram)

By Caroline (Etsy Customer)

Original Character by Farah (Etsy Customer)

By Jomarie (Etsy Customer)

Overwatch Character by Nikki (Etsy Customer)

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