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Hey there!
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Hello, and welcome to my blog!

Greetings, friends and fellow crocheters!

Thank you so much for dropping by my crochet blog!  It's a pleasure having you here.  For my very first post, I'd like to briefly share with you my story about how I discovered the world of crochet, and the purpose of this blog.

Crafting and art-making have always been a significant part of my life!  My background is primarily in fine arts, specifically pencil/graphite, watercolor, and Chinese painting.  When I was younger, I also had particular interests in crafts such as origami, sewing, doll-making, and ceramics.  Honestly, though, I enjoyed most any activity that had to do with making something using my hands!

It was not until several years ago, that I discovered the joys of crochet and amigurumi.  It was a quiet and lonely winter break during my first year of graduate studies, and to fight the blues, I ran an online search for cute DIY crafts, hoping to get back into my crafting mojo.  Adorable photos of amigurumi projects featuring dolls, little critters, and even foods and desserts popped up.  I couldn't help but feel instantly drawn into the craft.  Hours of written and picture tutorials, immeasurable yards of yarn, and numerous bouts of confusion later, I finally created a small amigurumi teddy bear.  The embarrassing (but funny, now that I look back at it) part of that tale was that I stuffed the bear with tissue, rather than actual fiberfill stuffing.  I was so excited to finalize the project, that it couldn't be delayed with a quick trip to the craft store!  Oh well, at least he was a lumpy sort of charming. 馃槀 Once I completed my first project, I judged it to be an experience certainly worth doing again, thus leading to many consequent dabblings in this special craft!

This blog will serve to document my various crochet and amigurumi projects, as well as some other related crafts.  I hope to share not only my projects, but resources, free patterns, ideas, and inspiration!

See you around! Thanks again for joining me on my crochet adventure!

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