Bear Traveler: With Mini Scarf & Bag!

by - December 10, 2014

Hello all!  Just thought I'd share with you one of my very first amigurumi projects.  This is a little bear with a patterned, green scarf and matching shoulder bag.  He's a miniature traveler standing at 6.5 entire inches of height!  It's uncertain if he's traveling to down the street to the neighboring park with his buddy, or if he's set on an exploration across the country.  What is certain, though, is that he has an adventurous little heart and will be wearing a smile wherever he's headed!

Although this little guy is missing a few stitches (and possibly rows) here and there, I was quite satisfied with the finished product as I had tried my hand at embroidering facial features for the first time.  He was made in reference to AllAbout Ami's "P.J. Teddy" pattern, and his little bag was made in reference to JennyandTeddy Creation's "Little Girl Kate" pattern.

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