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3 Practical Ways To Prepare For Your New Arrival + Free Printables

There are many things to do when it comes to preparing for your new baby, and it’s not all as fun as picking out baby clothes or decorating a nursery. It’s important to remember the practical things when planning for you and your baby. Just like making your birth plan is important for preparing for labor and arrival, here are three practical things you should do to get ready to take your little one home. Feel free to use the new parent checklists below to keep track of your preparations.

1. Start Baby Proofing

Home will be your baby’s primary space to grow in, and baby proofing ahead of time will make it a safe place to bring them back to whether they arrive early, on time, or late. When it comes to creating a safe space for your little one, make sure you remember every nook and cranny. Common baby proofing items are listed below:

  • Knob and corner covers
  • Baby gates
  • Toilet locks
  • Cabinet locks
  • Non slip pads

Once you’ve baby proofed your home, check it off the new parent checklist below.

2. Create A Baby Budget

Another important part of planning for a baby is your budget. On average, a couple will spend $12,000 and $14,000 annually on child-related expenses. Take a look at your current monthly budget with your partner and decide how much to set aside for your baby. Additionally, start saving right away so that you have extra money to cover your baby’s needs outside of your monthly budget. If you start saving at the beginning of pregnancy, you can build up funds over nine months and allow for some flexibility with your monthly budget.

3. Gather Baby Essentials

Finally, as you wait for your new arrival, use that time to gather and prep all your baby essentials. Whether you purchase baby clothes new or get them secondhand, it’s important to make sure they’re washed and ready to go when your baby arrives. Additionally, gather any new furniture you’ll need like a crib, changing table, and rocking chair and get those set up in your nursery. With everything prepped before your little one arrives, you can go into your labor and delivery with peace of mind. To help you keep track of the essentials, use the printable baby essentials checklist above.

Preparing for the practical things is important when you plan on welcoming a new baby. Get these tasks done ahead of time with these free printable checklists from The Zebra. Once your lists are all checked off, get excited to meet your new arrival with these sweet printables and write down ten wishes to welcome your new baby.