Knotted Headbands, Multi-Color 10 Pack [Review]

by - November 26, 2019

Product review time!

(Note: I am NOT affiliated with this company in any way. I am just sharing my honest opinions about my purchases that I think deserve a shout-out!) 

Today, I'll be sharing about these pretty, knotted headbands!  It's a super-value pack of 10 that comes in the colors: light pink, mint green, mustard yellow, tan, wine red, light grey, dark grey, black, forest green, and navy blue.

I don't know about you, but I've been seeing knotted headbands around for a long time coming and have always thought they were super fashionable and cute!  It's such a simple accessory, yet can be playful, charming, and elegant depending on the color and style of outfit you pair it with!

These headbands are wrapped with stretchy cloth fabric that is soft to the touch.  It's a one-size-fits-all sort of deal, as are pretty much all headbands I've purchased before, and I think they're suitable for almost all female adult heads. 

I have a THING for mustard yellow!

I think it works with both hair down and hair tied up!  Anyhow, hope you'll check this pack of knotted headbands out if you love this style and are looking for a SUPER wallet-friendly accessory!  It's surprisingly well-made and I definitely recommend it as it comes with so many lovely colors to match outfits!  Click here to find the product on!

Thank you for reading, friends, and hope you have a lovely day!  If you like hearing my opinion on things as a change of pace from my crochet tutorials, you can check out more reviews of mine.  Click here for my Product Reviews!


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