Attaching Yarn Hair to Amigurumi Crochet Dolls, Sewing on the Hair Cap, and Styling the Hair! [Video Tutorial]

by - September 13, 2018


Looking for a comprehensive variety of amigurumi hairstyles for your crochet dolls?  Be sure to check out my Best Amigurumi Hairstyles Tutorial post to see my personal favorites and learn how to attach hair to recreate those styles by following my doll patterns. 


Dear fellow crocheters,

I'm so thrilled to announce my latest video tutorials: Attaching Yarn Hair to Amigurumi Crochet Dolls!  Please check them out on Youtube!  They are split into the three parts below:

Part 1: Adding hair to the hair cap

Part 2: Sewing the hair cap onto the head

Part 3: Styling the hair  

I hope you will find these tutorials to be helpful in adding hair to your own amigurumi crochet doll.  It's my favorite go-to method that I had just discovered about a month ago after a lot of trial, error, and various methods.  It's more time-consuming than my shortcut hair methods, but it's well worth it because Emerie has a gorgeous and full-looking head of hair!

If you've used my video tutorials, I'd love to hear from you!  Share any thoughts, comments, or even photos of your work; I'd always love to see!

Best wishes to all!

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  1. Replies
    1. Awesome!! I'd love to hear how that goes if you want to share photos or such! I hope it'll be a helpful tutorial for you. :)

  2. super cute! how does one go about making the hair cap component? thanks so much!

    1. Thanks! The hair cap is simply a repetition of the head instructions that you make for your amigurumi, except that you stop a bit more than halfway through the head. So for example, if the head goes from R1-R14, you might only do R1-R9 to make the hair cap (make sure you stop on a straight round of "sc around" with no decreases). You simply position the haircap in a slanted way over the head. Hope this helps!

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