Loving Bride and Groom Wedding Dolls

by - September 04, 2017

(Also available on Etsy.)

The Loving Bride & Groom Pattern provides instructions for crocheting this beautiful, newly wedded couple. The elegant bride is fitted in a feminine A-line wedding dress, while her handsome husband is dressed in a classic tuxedo. The dashing pair makes wonderful engagement and wedding gifts for brides-to-be, grooms-to-be, newlyweds, or married folks celebrating their wedding anniversary. They can even be used as a wedding cake topper if secured on a base!


Crafters can customize and personalize these dolls in a variety of ways by changing hair color, dress color, hairstyle, and dress style. You may also add embellishments, such as beads, buttons, flowers, bows, and other appliques to these dolls!

(Also available on Etsy.)

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