Free Fall & Winter Crochet Patterns

by - October 14, 2018

The Autumn season is here!  And with that, comes Winter soon as well!

I'm excited to share with you 5 FREE Sweet Softies crochet patterns that are perfect for the chilly season and holidays coming up!

The amigurumi patterns can make great decor around the home (put up little pumpkins and ghosties on your desk, and little snowmen ornaments in your tree!), or as adorable gifts and stocking stuffers!  The beanie and cowl are sure to keep you warm, and make wonderful gifts for your loved ones and for craft fairs!  They're all quick and easy to work up, and you can customize them to be that perfectly unique and special handmade gift!

Click below to navigate to the pattern link!

  1. Tiny Baby Ghostie
  2. Tiny Baby Pumpkin
  3. Tiny Baby Snowman
  4. Peyton the Polar Bear
  5. Kana the Wanderer's Cowl
  6. Super Simple Beginner's Beanie 

Update (11/1/2018): Peyton the Polar Bear is a new addition to this Fall & Winter bundle! Check out the updated collage above!

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