Stitch Happy Bag!

by - June 23, 2017

Greetings, fellow crocheters!

I'd like to share my excitement about this beautiful bag with you!  My husband bought this special crochet bag for my birthday last week.  It is used to store yarn and knitting/crochet tools!

The full listing name is "Stitch Happy Designer Knitting Bag with 7 Multi-Use Pockets for Crochet Supplies with Inner Organizer to Protect Your Yarn Thread and Wool", and it can be found on

I love it for so many reasons!  I'm able to store a BUNCH of yarn in this single bag!  By a bunch, I mean oodles and OODLES.  It is fantastic!  I currently have five full skeins easily squished in there, with room for my crochet tools and more!  There's a sturdy inner divider that I can put up to keep my skeins further organized, and prevent any tangling from happening.  For my tools, I have my tools in a smaller bag that resembles a pencil case.  This tool bag includes multiple hooks of different sizes, a small pair of scissors, safety pins, and yarn needles.  It's all placed in the zippered front compartment of the bag.  Aside from the bag's many, many pockets and the generous amount of capacity, I also love that the top has two slits and four holes to pull yarn out of, and acts like a yarn container or bowl.  Practicality at its best!

Previously, I'd stick my yarn and some scattered tools within a paper tote.  It was flimsy, not at all fashionable, and looked rather distasteful to my husband!  Now that I have this beautiful bag, I can say goodbye to using paper totes!

This really allows me to crochet on the go!  Super handy and dandy.... I absolutely love it!!

Some food for thought...
Do you crochet on the go? If so, what do you use as a carrier or organizer?

That's it for today!

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer weather and sunshine!

Warm wishes,

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