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Stitch or Treat Instagram Challenge (+ Free Patterns)

Yes, I know this is waaaaaaayyy overdue, but I'd like to live by the notion of "better late than never" today! 馃槄

During the month of October last year, my fellow Wonder Wool-men makers and I participated in the fun Stitch or Treat Instagram Challenge!  It's a Halloween-themed 10-day challenge filled with lots of fun and thought-provoking prompts to respond to.

I enjoyed contemplating over each of these topics and conversation starters, sharing tidbits from my mind, and reading others' responses too!  You can check out my posts on Instagram, or scroll down to read them all~

Below, you'll find links to the designs I've mentioned (including both free and paid crochet patterns), as well as tips and tutorials that I referenced. 

Day 1: Fall in Love with Fall

I love the crunchy-leaves, apple-spice, sweater-weather Fall! It’s such a beautiful season up here in the Pacific Northwest with the changing colors of the leaves. Since I tend to run colder than my fellow Seattle natives, I’m sharing with you a cozy hat pattern that I just adore.

It keeps my head so cozy and warm, and it was sooo fun to crochet too! I used a lovely ochre, chocolate brown, and off-white tweed Caron Simply Soft by Yarnspirations. 

Here’s my project with the free pattern link, my modifications, and my yarns colors used! 

What about you? What do you love about Fall? 馃槏馃崄

Day 2: Trickiest Trick 

For this one, I thought I’d share three of the most popular tips and tricks that I’ve posted on my blog, which are: sewing parts together, attaching hair, and adding blush to Amigurumi! The creation of my little princess, Emerie, involves all three of those skills. If you did like to learn my “tricks” for them, check out the links below!

What about you? Do you have a crochet trick that you stand by?

Day 3: Crochet Treat 

One of my favorite “treats” discovered this year is this Tencel Yarn called Yarn Bee Fresh Haven that I bought from Hobby Lobby 馃挐

It is sooo smooth and silky to work with!!  Provides excellent stitch definition, perfect to showcase complex stitches. It worked perfectly with the Kunia Cover-Up design.

If you're interested in learning more about this lovely fiber, I have a Tencel Yarn 101 (intro to Tencel crash course!) post that I put together.

I also have a VLOG and free pattern resources that would work great with this yarn, if you'd like to check it out!

What about you? What’s your “crochet treat”? 馃槏

Day 4: A Maker's Fear 

I have a lot of fears, to be quite frank. My top fear as a maker would be creating content that isn’t well-received. This includes posting about my crochet designs, sharing original patterns on my blog, uploading videos and vlogging on Youtube, and….the whole gamut. I’ve always had a hard time putting myself and my work out there because it’s all open to critique and I worry excessively about what others think. When I get negative comments, I try my best to improve.

Sometimes, in situations where things can’t be fixed, I am learning to not let negative comments bog me down. It isn’t an easy task. Thankfully though, the positive feedback that I receive about my designs and content is so dear and uplifting to me, that it inspires me to keep creating! Thank you to my wonderful community of crocheters and crafters for accompanying me on my creative journey, and being supportive! That means so much to someone who holds her breath before every post and upload!

Also, I’m sharing my Christmas angel’s photo because she reminds me to remain peaceful and calm, even in moments of fear. I broke some of my hardest barriers with her design, as I launched my very first pattern test with her.

What about you? What are your fears as a maker or crafter?

Day 5: Pumpkins Everywhere 

PUMPKINS EVERYWHERE!! (Not!) There’s a shortage of pumpkins to bodies here at Sweet Softies! My two little girls here are trying to decide how to equitably share that pumpkin.  All three designs that you see are free crochet patterns on my blog.  Check out the links below if you'd like to make them too!

Day 6: Witch Stitch 

This mischievous, little witchie is using her Clover Amour hook for some witchery involving this pink skein of yarn! What so you think she has in mind? What might she turn it into?

Day 7: Spider's Web 

Sharing a quick WIP photo of my Rose Finch Capelet (Free Crochet Pattern), as the lacy stitch reminds me of a spiders web! Albeit, a pink and well-enforced fortress of a 馃暦 web! 馃槀

Day 8: Yarn Monster 

Here’s a WIP of mine, which has turned into a yarn monster when my back was turned! Oh no, I guess Whimsy the Witch successfully casted her spell! Can you guess what my WIP project is?

If you guessed a jellyfish, you are right on!  This is Juniper, another freebie on my blog!

Day 9: Maker in Disguise 

Here I am, channeling my inner Sarah from @aspottedllama 馃挅 She’s such a beautiful soul inside and out and has the biggest heart when it comes to crocheting for charity!! She has made blue hats to stand against bullying and gajillions of hats and other items to donate for preemies and babies! Of course, I have to add in her favorite animal of all time, the llama!! (Be sure to check Sarah out on her IG page for adorable llamas, cute crochet projects, inspirational quotes, and her adorable, smiley little girl! 馃挄)

So, here’s my take with Alana the Alpaca, her own little blue hat, wrapped up in a cozy blanket amongst skeins of soft yarn!

Day 10: Happy Halloween

Here I am with my bunny filter on and little Remi the Rabbit! It’s been a fun ten days of sharing tidbits about myself and my crochet! Hope you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween 馃巸 馃懟 ❤️

And on that note… what fun Stitch or Treat has been!  Hope you all enjoyed the challenge as well, whether it be posting and sharing your own responses to the prompts, or reading what others have to say!  I hope you'll join in on the next Instagram challenge!