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How to Crochet the I-Cord [Video Tutorial]

by - April 11, 2018

Hi friends!  I made a video tutorial on how to crochet the three-chain i-cord!  It's quite simple and fun once you get the hang of it.  It's also versatile and can be used in many dfferent ways in crochet or craft projects, such as a thin strap, lining, or in my case -- a slender pair of doll arms!

To learn this special stitch and technique, please take a look at the video below.  I break down the steps and walk through it, so that it's hopefully easy to understand and master.

My dolls, Little Red Pandora and Hana, both have long and flexible arms made using the i-cord technique.

For a FREE pattern using the i-cord, please check out: Some-BUNNY To Love!

Hope this video tutorial and crochet ideas are helpful to you!  Happy crocheting!

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